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Norfund’s strategy is designed to enable us to fulfil the objective in the Norfund Act, and reflects the overarching priorities in Norwegian development assistance policy.

Establishing profitable and sustainable enterprises in some of the world’s poorest and least developed countries is difficult and risky. It requires expertise and knowledge in a number of areas. The cornerstone of our strategy is therefore to develop expertise.

As a financial investor, Norfund must above all possess expertise in investment and risk management. We must be familiar with the framework conditions in the countries and sectors in which we invest, the enterprises and their management, and the partners with whom we invest.

In order to have the most thorough knowledge possible of framework conditions and politics, Norfund has concentrated its investments on a limited number of countries. In addition Norfund has chosen to focus on clean energy, finance, agriculture and agri-related industry. These are sectors where our activities yield particularly high development effects.

Download Norfund Strategy 2016-2020 here

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