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Products and Services

Norfund offers risk capital in the form of Equity, loan and the combination of the two. Norfund always invests together with partners with deep industry knowledge. The investment horizon is 5-10 years.

Norfund has defined specific investment areas (regions and sectors) to ensure the necessary skills and competencies. Norfund primarily invests equity, taking shares up to 35% in companies, but also offers different types of loans with different risk profiles.

To maximise financial and developmental success in the investee companies, Norfund strives to be a value adding owner beyond the mere capital investment. Norfund’s investment teams have extensive experience in project development and governance, and works closely with the partners to develop the companies.

For more details on how Norfund invests and works with project partners, see sections on the left. 

Norfund - Fridtjof Nansens Plass 4, N-0160 Oslo - Phone +47 22 01 93 93 - Fax: +47 22 01 93 94