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The Board of Directors

Norfund’s Board of Directors ensures that the Fund is operated in accordance with the Norfund Act and owner instructions, and approves Norfund’s strategy. The Board further approves individual investments that exceed certain amounts, and projects that are considered to be high-risk. The Board has delegated investment decisions for other projects to the management.

Investment Committee

The Investment Committee is an advisory body for the Managing Director, and is chaired by an external person. The  Investment Committee deals with all investments at least twice: First the project is approved in principle, then final approval  is given based on a thorough assessment  of risks and development effects.

Investment departments and regional offices

Norfund is organised into three investment departments as different expertise and networks are necessary to make investments in the focus areas of the strategy. Local expertise is also important, and Norfund therefore has five regional offices.

Norfund - Fridtjof Nansens Plass 4, N-0160 Oslo - Phone +47 22 01 93 93 - Fax: +47 22 01 93 94