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Norfund investments

Norfund's projects are commercial investments in existing or new businesses. Norfund either becomes one of several owners in a commercial business, or the business lends capital from Norfund like a bank loan. Norfund does not engage directly in the running operations of the companies, but exercises active ownership through board positions and follow up of the projects by reporting routines and site visits.

Southern and East Africa are Norfund’s main investment areas, and the Fund has offices in Nairobi and Johannesburg and Maputo. Norfund also targets selected countries in South-East Asia and Central America and has regional offices in San José and Bangkok.

Projects in South and Southeast Asia

Projects in Southern Africa

Projects in Eastern Africa

Projects in Regional/Global

Projects in Central America

Projects in Other

Norfund - Fridtjof Nansens Plass 4, N-0160 Oslo - Phone +47 22 01 93 93 - Fax: +47 22 01 93 94