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Investing for development

Norfund invests in profitable and sustainable enterprises in poor countries to promote business development and contribute to economic growth and poverty alleviation.

Norfund operates in the market space between traditional development aid at one extreme and strictly commercial market actors at the other. Norfund is not traditional aid - the funds are not given away, but invested in, or lent to, commercial enterprises. However, Norfund is not a strictly commercial investor either - Norfund accepts high risks and low returns, and invests in countries and sectors that are very challenging, but important for development.

Contributing to development is the basis for everything Norfund does. Norfund's main focus is on creating developmental effects through establishing financially viable, responsible and well-run businesses in a selection of countries and sectors with potentially high developmental returns. In addition we measure the development effects by collecting actual, ex post information from Norfund's entire portfolio of investments annually.

Norfund - Fridtjof Nansens Plass 4, N-0160 Oslo - Phone +47 22 01 93 93 - Fax: +47 22 01 93 94