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Norfund cooperates with a number of other organisations - both in the investment projects and in the development policy work related to investments in developing countries. Our partners are private investors (Norwegian or international), development finance institutions (DFIs) and other organisations that are active in the field of industrial development and aid.

Norfund always invests with partners, and seeks to mobilise capital and attract competent and experienced investors to its projects. For more information on how we work with partners in our projects see Products and Services.

Norwegian partners

Norfund is in continuous dialogue and cooperates with a number of Norwegian organisations, both traditional development aid organisations and commercial players.

The fund has been a funding partner of Norwegian African Business Association (NABA) to strengthen business cooperation between Norwegian and African businesses. NABA organises conferences and seminars for Norwegian businesses. For more information see http://norwegianafrican.no/.

Other Norwegian cooperation partners:

International partners

In most of the projects Norfund invests together with international industrial and financial partners. In many of our projects co-investors include other European Development Finance Institutions (DFIs). Norfund also work closely with these sister-funds to increase commercial investments in developing countries, and also cooperates with IFC (the World Bank private sector investment fund) within several fields.

The European DFIs cooperate through the organisation EDFI which you can read more about here.

Main Norwegian investment partners and the investment in brackets:

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